Legal Note

Terms of Service of Spiritual Advancement and Happiness Center (SAHC)

The information on this website is intended to be used for religious purposes only. By viewing this website, you are agreeing to the following conditions:

1. As a former member of the Church of Scientology, in order to continue to pursue my religion, I need information regarding the works of L. Ron Hubbard’s technology so that I may undertake my religious studies and apply the works for spiritual improvement of myself and others.

2. I intend to use the access of this website and all its content as provided by the SAHC to procure for myself this information for religious purposes as outlined under 1 exclusively.

3. I will not use this information to copy and sell to third persons or make any other bargain to profit economically from giving access to such information that I may acquire from the SAHC; excepted from and not covered by the term “giving access to such” is any auditing I will deliver to others based on such information.

4. I am not an agent of or acting on behalf or under orders or in the interest of or represent any of the following: the Church of Scientology International or any national, regional or local Church of Scientology or Mission belonging to it; the International Association of Scientologists; the Religious Technology Center; the Church of Spiritual Technology; the L.Ron Hubbard Library; the Sea Organization; the Commodore’s Messenger Org; the Watchdog Committee; any entity which is part or successor of the aforesaid organizations, corporations, legal bodies and groups or which has close organizational ties to them, no matter whether it is a legal person or not; any Office of Special Affairs which is part of the org board of any of the aforesaid organizations, corporations, legal bodies and groups or any sub-organization thereof; any group or organization chartered or licensed by one of the aforesaid organizations, corporations, legal bodies and groups or having any other organizational ties to them or being obliged to them in any way or form.

5. I will not give any of the information I read or acquire through SAHC, nor any report (in any form) of my knowledge of and experience with this website and the SAHC to any person that, when themselves are trying to access the SAHC website, would be debarred by above clause no. 4, nor to any of the groups, organizations, corporations, legal bodies or sub-organizations which are covered by that same clause no.

6. I will only share such information I acquire through SAHC with other persons who share my belief in the Scientology technology and who oblige themselves to me that they fulfill all conditions given here, and I will take full responsibility and liability for any actions of such which infringe on these conditions and clauses.

7. If I do not meet any of the above conditions or if through my actions the obligations given in clauses 3, 5 or 6 above are infringed upon–or through actions of third persons with whom I share information I achieved through SAHC I will indemnify the SAHC for a any damage resulting thereof, including legal or other costs incurred by the SAHC. If I act as an agent or representative of another person or legal entity, I oblige that person or legal entity in the same way.