Success Stories


Grade O: Before I started on this grade as someone who basically had withdrawn from people, didn’t really want to hear what anyone had to say, and didn’t feel connected to people to the degree that I would jump in and share what I had to say, for the most part.  I was, I would say, prone to anxiety attacks, brought on by communication with people and did not want to engage with people unless I had to.

Then when I started this grade I was amazed at the angle at which the questions handled the charge on various people in my life and how when I blew the charge, I felt the essence of each person (the theta) instead of person I been reacting to before.

I found that as I continued to get processing on Grade 0 I found that I was able to engage with people and I felt genuine affinity and wanted to communicate!   I became able to engage in life with a lust for living that I had never felt before.  I attested to Grade 0 almost a month ago.  I am happy to say that I have not had anxiety issues at all (not even close!) since just before I finished this grade.  This is huge for me.  That was just the beginning of this win.  The rest of it is that I now know what LRH meant when he said, “A person is as alive as he can communicate.”  I have been brought back to life with this tech and with some really expert auditing and C/Sing, I might add.  When Ron said, “May you never be the same,”  he got his wish this time with this product.  I feel like the Chicago song, “Only the beginning……of what I want to feel forever…..” – B.P.


Grade One: I handled an area of great charge having to do with an old wound with my father.  The process had to do with the subject of help.  Again I was amazed at how this came up on this grade and the immense freedom I achieved having released the charge on this dynamic with my dad.   This was life-changing for me.

Later in the grade I became aware of how good my life had become.  I was no longer overwhelmed by the game of life.   I began to see that before I was inside this “ball of confusion” which was my life, and now it was as if I was looking at the game from the outside and seeing all it’s elements.  It had become a beautiful ball of potential.  I became aware of the richness of life and was touched deeply by this and felt a deep emotion of joy over what my life had now become.  I now have the ability to truly create the life of my dreams, and that life has arrived. – B.P.


This progress program has done things for me well beyond my expectations, and has given me more gain and help than I could have imagined. I feel so completely comfortable as myself as a spiritual being, and so powerful and able and aware, that I have no sense of anything that is beyond my grasp or ability. I feel almost like a child who looks at the world as full of possibilities and opportunity that he can’t wait to go after and conquer. I know I am able. I know I am powerful, I know I can learn and be helped and help others. I feel confident now that I can causatively choose to do anything, and to do it to the fullest. I have regained my knowingness in my most basic purposes and strength of postulates, and I can’t wait to start living life with these renewed abilities and awarenesses. A massive weight has been lifted off of me, and I can feel this in my body and to the core of my being. Thank you. – R. December 2007

Big win today!! I recalled a time when I went exterior- died and came back to my body. I felt the somatics and the experience and now I feel more free. Big case gain and now I am more able to be ME! Thanks to Jim Newell, a great auditor. – N.A.

One of if not my biggest win in all of my many hours of auditing, has created a new ability to be in life on a day to day basis. One which I am happily growing into like a new article of clothing or a visit to a new landscape or the most beautiful experience of a wonderful vista. I am right now just enjoying this new more peaceful, comfortable and stable way of being. Thank you for this beauty and peace of this game. ARC *and love to Jim C/S and LRH. – P.A.

To say I feel great is an understatement. I wish I could show everyone who does not know or use Scientology the world through my eyes. Because it looks GREAT. I no longer have any inhibiting feelings on communication and really feel the changes in my life. I am a completely different person from 6 months ago. I can’t wait for my next grade. WOW! Thank you Jim! – LP

I just attested to the State of Clear* this month. I really need to thank my auditor James Newell who got me to this place and helped me so much along the way. I did most all of my auditing with Jim and I am glad that I did it this way. The auditing was smooth and done so well that I never felt overwhelmed or unable to confront something. I knew I was in very good, capable hands, and that made the auditing go very well for me. Having such a highly-trained field auditor really cut down my auditing time, so I feel like I saved money because of his efficiency. When I started on this journey I was a very different person. I was afraid of my own shadow and very unhappy. I had many problems with many people and I really couldn’t see how I could ever fix those problems, much less confront them. But little by little I began to confront them and see that I was much more able than I gave myself credit. I realized through all of this that I am one tough cookie and now I don’t see life as a big problem. I feel more like an adventurer who can conquer problems, not succumb to them. I had been looking for so long for truth, and for real solutions to life problems. When I found Scientology it sounded too good to be true. I wanted so badly for it to be the real thing. And I wasn’t disappointed, it delivered what it promised. It gave me back myself, better than ever, it gave me the ability to look at my situation and change what needed to be changed to become a happier being. It gave me tools to use to build a better saner future. And it helped me rid myself of that awful thing, the reactive mind, which kept me trapped for way too long. What a relief that is to finally not have that to cloud my thinking. Thanks Jim for being my auditor and friend! I will always be grateful for all the help you have given me. – D.H.

I have had a back that was very sore from two injuries. Through an assist program I found where the source of the problem was coming from and that I wasn’t being cause in that area. This helped me to deal with the situation and become more responsible. – D.H.

Auditing* with Jim
WOW!! For the first time I really feel bigger than my body!! I had a SUPER WIN in auditing tonight. I always knew what a powerful tool the mind is, but never actually knew that I wasn’t using it to my advantage. I had been putting road blocks, hurdles, ditches, mine fields and just about anything I could create into my path as a person.!! After learning some great information , I realized a lot about the decisions I had asserted in my own life. I had been blaming everybody and everything else for my aberrant behavior. It is very powerful to know that I have the control and always did!! – L.L.

I have had a favorable result with Dianetics Auditing
Through my auditing, I have rid myself of “stops”. I’ve always felt very able but something was preventing me from reaching my goals . I tried to find justification for my situation before I recieved auditing… now I know why I’ve been acting the way I have and not really being the real “me”. Thanks to LRH. discoveries I can now go forward.  – F.E.

What a great win
I had recently…because of my auditor and Dianetics! For years my relationship with my mother had been deteriorating. I was at a point where I couldn’t even look at her- I just felt like running away from her. After a recent auditing session I was able to confront this area of my life and as a result I can now be with my mother and be with her without misemotion. It feels like so much weight has been removed, and I am feeling very happy with my life. – F.E.

This week has been filled with Tremendous Wins!!
Not only have I made considerable progress and gains, but I have also committed to becoming an auditor myself. It is so true that auditor plus the preclear is greater than the reactive mind!* I want to be a part of creating favorable results as good as the ones that I have had!! I got ME back! What a gift to receive from myself with Jim’s help!! – S.M.

I can see clearly now
After completeing this action I feel that I can see clearly now- whereas before processing my vision was clouded- this is relative to the way I looked at life. I’m feeling very happy and less serious about life. It feels like I can now have some fun with life- I don’t see constant battles in my life anymore. I am definitely receiving spiritual freedom with the help of Dianetics and my auditor!F.E.


“A being who no longer has his own reactive mind.”

From the Book of Basics Scientology O-8 by L. Ron Hubbard

“A portion of a person’s mind which works on a totally stimulus -response basis, which is not under his volitional control, and which exerts force and the power of command over his awareness, purposes, thoughts, body and actions.”

Scientology technical dictionary(c)CSI 1995

” A person who, through Scientology processing, is finding out more about himself and life.” Scientology technical dictionary(c)CSI 1995

“The application of Scientology processes and procedures to someone by a trained Auditor. Auditing gets rid of unwanted barriers that inhibit, stop or blunt a person’s natural abilities as well as gradiently increasing the abilities a person has so that he becomes more able and his survival, happiness and intelligence increase enormously.”Scientology technical dictionary(c)CSI 1995

Affinity,reality and communication.